How Does the Ski And Snowboard Simulator Work?

A machine that fully reproduces the sensation of going down the mountain? Sounds like science fiction? It all begins when you step into the bindings in your regular ski or snowboard boots…


track your motion

Multiple sensors track position of your skis on the slope, your edging angles, and much more. The simulator knows what you are doing each and every second.

software creates the exact sensation of skiing 

Ski multiple trails and race courses

Adjust snow conditions

Add moguls and bumps 


powerful motors
recreate the G-force 

Hidden inside the motion platform of the ski simulator, computer controlled motors generate all the forces and elements of ski technique just as they are.

fully immersive

virtual reality

Ski endless slope or pick slalom, GS or downhill.

Jump onto Olympic tracks created by a multiple projectors, and a huge high-resolution panoramic screen.


A universal winter sports learning and training equipment for everyone from U.S. Ski Team Olympic skiers to complete beginners


Learn the basics of skiing technique indoors, safe and warm, in a couple of hours, and save the precious time at the mountain for real skiing. 


Master carving technique in several training sessions, skip that learning curve and enjoy your vacations in full.

Pros & Ski Racers

Year-round high-tech approach to ski racing training approved by US Ski Team. Ripping through the gates on virtual Slalom, GS or Downhill is no video game, but a fast track to best results.


Forget dreary gym visits! Reignite your passion for healthy lifestyle with built-in  workout programs that are just as fun as skiing.

Post-Injury Rehab

Action sports bring inevitable risk of injuries. Activate body’s natural compensatory resources and get back on track much faster. 



Jump into the Winter Wonderland with one touch. Explore your personal full-fledged ski slopes in your gym or garage. In July or April, in Texas or New York City...

Fantasy of millions is rooted in reality by our engineers. 

an experience no video game can rival

Dozens of sensors analyse your every movement and sync with a panoramic screen of stunning resolution. So true to life are reactions of the virtual slope to your skis or snowboard, you'll soon forget you are indoors. 


no lifts, no lines, infinite adventures

What snow do you like best, icy or hard-packed? Decide what your slope should be like today. Scatter some gates around — be creative. You’ll spend an hour testing it before you realize: you’re out of breath — and you had not stopped for a moment. You got a feel of our Endless Slope and its endless possibilities.



Ski The World Cup 

Real mountains are coming to you:

decide whether to go skiing in Beaver Creek or Sochi 2014 or some other famous resort… in the next hour.

Advanced GPS-scouting technology helps carefully transfer all features of a real slope into the Virtual Reality System, foot by foot.


of Business Ideas

From effective snow sports training to a trendsetting promotion tool, find a solution for your marketing and business needs and a Ski Simulator model to meet your specific needs.

To provide step-by-step safe post-injury exercise, stimulate natural compensatory resources and get back on track much faster

From fitness centers to wellness clubs, benefit from the high-tech generation of workout equipment. SkyTechSport Simulators are actually fun to use!

A unique service for guests in a hotel’s gym or a fun substitute for resort guests during bad weather or snow conditions — all year round

From small snow sports stores to huge malls, a new captivating promotional resouce to stand out and attract audiences

A homey birthday party or a huge engaged audience of a large-scale marketing activation event, — impress your guests and draw attention

From local ski schools around the globe to Olympic ski and snowboard teams, to stay in shape off season and win races

JP Auclair, Founder of Armada skis

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