SkyTechSport Simulators for Business: Retail Stores

  • Get through to your customers with an out-of-the box solution and attract people to the store.
  • Engage them with Olympic slalom racecourses and incredible drive of skiing and snowboarding.
  • Get people talking.
  • Spark a massive buzz in the media: a magical winter sports Virtual Reality a piece of news that is almost too easy to pitch to the press.

'We have just found a way to make our store special. Now we are not just a ski store. Now we have a character.'       - Snowsports Store Owner

Business cases

Moving the Midwest’s Skiing Community Forward

Vertical Drop Ski Shop was founded by Bob Thomas, whose family has been in the ski business for about 60 years. Bob has tons of hands-on, day-to-day experience in the ski industry. Today, not only they have the best ski racing gear, but they’re committed to innovation that leads the industry forward.

OffPiste, Sydney

A snow sports store turned into an indoor ski studio after purchasing 4 SkyTechSport simulators. It’s now fully booked with training sessions, and also offers corporate parties and ski trips.

‘We have closely tracked the impact of this promo and were very satisfied with the result: the number of store weekend visits has increased compared to the same weekends in previous years and to other stores as well. The word of mouth effect was still in motion long after the promo was over.’

Promotion Manager, Decathlon Sports Store, France

Intersport Kuhn, Germany surprise for the locals: indoor ski simulator for all

Intersport Kuhn, Germany

A new store launch surprised the locals with an experience they had never had before: all who came had a chance of going down virtual slopes and carving wide turns on the powerful President Ski Simulator. The managers made clients’ shopping trip so much more than choosing ski equipment and trying on clothes.

Vermont, the skiing capital of the East

Vermont brings us more U.S. Winter Olympians per capita than any other state. With our ski and snowboard simulator providing infinite slopes for Vermonters to train on regardless of the weather, the potential for what this local ski talent can accomplish is absolutely limitless.