SkyTechSport Simulators for Business: Ski Schools and Indoor Training

An Olympic athlete spends on average 1,500 hours on the slope each year, out of which around 1,300 hours is wasted on the ski lift. That means 1 minute of training requires 10 minutes of time wasted to get back up the mountain. And then add to that travel costs...

Approved by US Ski Team Head Coach, the exact match of all sensations and biomechanics of training on SkyTechSport Simulators helps top world's athletes practice Slalom, GS and Downhill all year round, right at the gym.

Drew Duffy for SkyTechSport. business solutions for all.

All off-season training indoors

  • Power training
  • Functional training
  • Coordination training
  • Visual training
  • Tests for athletes

Drew Duffy for SkyTechSport. business solutions for all.

New way to train for speed with Downhill Pro Simulator

  • Vest connected to power kinematics synced with virtual terrain
  • Distributed load through the body axis: shoulder girdle, midback, hips and legs
  • Compression force load value up to 330lbs (150kgs)

SkyTechSport simulators for rehab and beyond as a business solution

Rehabilitation after injury

  • 10+ years of experience
  • 100% safe — no falls or excessive loads
  • Same muscles as skiing
  • Can start 3 months after ACL surgery
  • The only rehab that is fun!

Business cases

USSA Center of Excellence

Year-round training on actual Olympic courses for world’s best racers: US Ski Team training facility in Park City, Utah

Moving the Midwest’s Skiing Community Forward

Vertical Drop Ski Shop was founded by Bob Thomas, whose family has been in the ski business for about 60 years. Bob has tons of hands-on, day-to-day experience in the ski industry. Today, not only they have the best ski racing gear, but they’re committed to innovation that leads the industry forward.

A Ski Slope in the Center of Seoul

Urban Slope is a huge facility with 5 snow sports simulators in the centre of Seoul. They surprise skiing and snowboarding fans with cool design, as well as the fact that now they can ski right in the centre of a vibrant city.

Vermont, the skiing capital of the East

Vermont brings us more U.S. Winter Olympians per capita than any other state. With our ski and snowboard simulator providing infinite slopes for Vermonters to train on regardless of the weather, the potential for what this local ski talent can accomplish is absolutely limitless.

SkyTechSport is training Latvia's national team and amateur skiers

Latvia’s amateur skiers and national team

SkiMaster school teaches all ages and levels, also providing the equipment for Latvian Olympic athletes. FIS Slalom Race and Snowboard Cross Europe Cup are among the resulting victories.

WinterClubSki Florida indoor training center

Cold winter sports in the hot city of Florida

A unique specialised indoor winter sports training facility holding multiple interactive platforms under one roof.

SkyTechSport in Dubai - luxury mode for indoor skiing

Dubai luxury golf and race center

The hot city of splendour and big projects added true ski racing experience to its profusion of action sports attractions.

Turkey’s Ski Academy

The Turkish Ski Federation installed two brand new SkyTechSport simulators at Istanbul’s Çekmeköy. Its President Erol Yarar stated that their goal was to prepare 4 million skiers for their country in view of the Olympics 2026.