BotBoxer Play! Wins CES Innovation Award 2020 in Fitness & Sports.

CES awarded BotBoxer in 2020

BotBoxer.Play is a brand new subscription service designed to make martial arts fun and engaging. The rapidly moving robotic punching bag is now overlaid with AR images of characters. Knock out, exhaust or kill as many of them as you can with accurate punches, meanwhile escaping attacks and scoring points in an arcade game.

A mechanical punching bag attached to a platform with power drives has been enhanced with a big screen with a moving character seamlessly synced with the bag's movements. An intuitive interface and fast and convenient installation allow to use it at all kinds of events and locations.

From sports themed events to malls and large entertainment centers, this machine will make you stand out from the mass of arcade game. It offers an experience as close to the real sparring as nothing before, motivating people to leave their heart and soul on the 'ring', and resulting in impressions that last.

BotBoxer Play - winner of CES awards