Latvian Indoor Ski Center Got Its Second Ski Simulator

SkiMaster, an indoor snow sports training center based in Riga, prepared a fantastic New Year gift for Latvian ski-lovers. It has just moved into a new and bigger place, and is ready to get one more SkyTechSport ski simulator. They bought the first Ski & Snowboard Simulator to both teach amateur skiers and snowboarders and hold regular indoor training sessions for racers of Latvian national ski team.

SkyTechSport is training Latvia's national team and amateur skiers

“I had training sessions on SkyTechSport Simulator for two months before the season. And when I first came to the training camp in the mountains, I felt at onсe that my skiing technique and stand have advanced significantly. My balance has also improved, — and this is really important for a snowboarder. All that was due to training on the simulator. Thanks a lot for that amazing opportunity to get better and win!”
Toms Vasins

Athletic results came before long and were remarkable: Lelde Gasuna won the FIS Slalom Race in Rukatunturi, Finland, and Latvian snowboarder Toms Vasins was the 3rd in Europe Snowboardcross Cup in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

SkyTechSport is training Latvia's national team and amateur skiers

“I trained at SkiMaster center before the winter, and my goal was to perfect carving technique and be in a good shape before the ski season. In my opinion, these pieces of training open up new possibilities for improving ski techniques and correcting different nuances. You can make the same movement a hundred times, which is not possible on the slope. To add to that, all the movements are much more visible without the ski gear, and the instructor explains and corrects even the smallest details. Thank you very much!”
Sergey Parfenov, ski instructor

SkiMaster celebrates its one-year anniversary in a month. Over just one year the club has become truly popular: besides amateur skiers, they have members of Latvian national ski and snowboard teams as clients, — the athletes found the training of SkyTec ski and snowboard simulators very useful. Valts Rutkis, a ski instructor, trains regularly on ski simulators at SkiMaster. He says it helps magically improve basic elements of skiing technique, perfect all elements of carving technique, and also helps stay in a great shape before and during the ski season. There’s not always enough time with good weather conditions to train on the slope. In 15-20 minutes on this ski simulator, you can get the same loads as during the whole training day on the slope.

“So, I’ve been skiing for 3 years, and only recently tried the SkyTech simulator. This is FABULOUS! Now I have an all-year-round ski season! The technique is improving much more quickly than on the slope, it might also be due to my trainer and me (in the mirror), we can both see me skiing. The simulator is designed and constructed very well. The motor drive control system creates the full identity of skiing on the slope, even the fun is the same! There are not many things in the world actually that can lift me up above the coach – but SkyTech simulator managed to do it!”
Robert, an amateur skier