Post-Injury Rehabilitation with SkyTechSport Simulators

All competitive and extreme sports bring an inevitable risk of injuries. SkyTechSport Ski & Snowboard Simulators are widely used in general medical clinics as well as centers specializing in treatment of professional sports injuries.

  • Opportunities to work out properly are extremely limited after injuries. SkyTechSport simulators provide the vital step-by-step increase in activity. Physical exercise initiates biochemical response in cells, which triggers natural compensatory mechanisms.
  • Doctors receive real-time feedback and adjust the treatment program to their patients’ speed of recovery.
  • The unique Virtual Reality system plays a great role in psychological rehabilitation: the Simulator is both incredibly realistic and safe. The machine will not let a person fall or experience excessive loads.
  • Athletes want faster improvements in both tissues and body’s functions. A perfect combination of cardio exercises, balance and strength training, the Simulators help reduce the recovery period.

‘Most of our patients are amateur skiers and snowboarders, who were not prepared properly and got injured during the skiing season. This active mechanotherapy we carry out in the Center using ski and snowboard simulators gives solid results.’
MD S.M., Chaika Center for Medical Rehabilitation