Westwood Green Apartments Got A Ski Simulator

Who wouldn't want to live in an apartment building with a full sized ski simulator?

Westwood Green is located in one of the region's burgeoning suburban enclaves. What catches your attention first when you enter its territory is a sparkling saltwater pool. Resident lounge there in hammocks or cabanas with built-in loveseats, USB ports and LED lighting. For those who like to sweat and burn stress, the state-of-the-art fitness center there is the perfect place to lose calories. It has Pelotons, fitness on demand, a bouldering wall, a golf simulator, and what not...

But one of its biggest perks of these apartments is the professional ski and snowboard training machine. It’s the first ever ski simulator in a residential community in Denver.

Anyone living at this apartment complex can come anytime if they want to ski when there is no snow, brush up on skills or just start to learn! The simulator allows you to feel just the same sensations as while going downhill on a real slope. Almost every aspect of skiing and snowboarding technique can be mastered and polished in a 100% safe, comfortable and convenient environment. Learning to ski before ever going to the mountains will help get rid if that initial fear. This will prepare your muscles to the specific loads of the sport, while muscle memory will help you easily transfer your new skills onto snow (preferable with a help of a ski instructor for the first hours, of course).

Skiing/snowboarding in summer and golf in winter? Westwood Green apartment complex really do make dreams come true.

P.S. They even have their own wine storage!