Official Indoor Training Program
By The Professional Ski Instructors of America — 
American Association of Snowboard Instructors  

PSIA-AASI partnered with SkyTechSport to produce training material focused on simulator to snow development. SkyTechSport Simulators allow ski and snowboard instructors to teach off slope, generate excitement for the sport and get great cross-train exercise at the same time.

"Getting on the Ski Simulator is going to prepare you physically to ski more volume, so you can improve you upper-lower body separation, hip angulation, rolling your knee and ankle. It’s so hard to replicate conditioning outside of the snow. SkyTech Simulator is by far the closest thing we’ve seen to it."

Sasha Rearick

US Ski Team Men's Head Coach

High Tech In Snow Sports: A Perfectly Carved Turn Before Ever Stepping On A Slope?

The art of the turn, the very essence of snow sports, used to be something that required many lessons to get a grip on. Every instructor knows the challenges of explaining the proper movements of legs and upper body, fighting the fear of the slope and the speed.


From as early as the age of 7, all levels and ages of students benefit from the ‘tamed’, simulated G-force. The identity of all physics, loads, and movements is approved by World Cup racers.

The Boring Stuff: Horsepowers And Edges

Powerful engines create the forces that affect you when going down a slope. They respond with zero latency to edging of skis or snowboard, and you can go from as low as 20 to crazy 80 mph.

Sensors are responsible for the machine’s reactions, absolute safety and detailed statistics.

Virtual slopes are 100% customizable: from slushy to icy, from a bunny hill to copies of real Olympic tracks.

On A Virtual Bunny Hill

A 30-minute session on the simulator equals a whole-day training in the mountains. And that’s not only because the machine has no lifts.


  • Standing in front of your student, you spot and correct even a slightest mistake in real time.

  • No more fuss with making and re-watching hours of videos. Just put a mirror on the wall, push buttons to adjust the slope to the trainee’s level and press the remote.

  • Students learn to use correct foot and leg movements to turn skis and link turns — from the very start.

  • Real-time feedback from the simulator helps boost improvements.

"A great way to teach people how to get over the outside ski, learn that proper movement in transition, movement with the core.”

Steven Nyman
Downhill World Cup Winner

“You’re not gonna hurt yourself, there’s no stress, and you still get the movements of skiing, feel how the forces are going to react on your body."

Andrew Weibrecht, two-time Olympic medalist, US Ski Team

PSIA Ski Simulator Video Tutorials  

How to introduce beginner students to the machine? Go through the basic terminology of the sport and practicing basic athletic stance on the simulator.

AASI Snowboard Simulator Video Tutorials  

The Fun Part:

Hitting Olympic Slopes

It wouldn’t be a XXI century invention if it had nothing to do with VR. A giant panoramic screen, a projection system and a 3D engine produce an image of a running slope. Full immersion leads to effective AND enjoyable lessons.


Advanced GPS-scouting technologies helped carefully transfer all features of real slopes into the VR, foot by foot. Multiple virtual courses are used by national ski teams, but everyone can conquer the most revered peaks. Sore muscles will remind them it is NOT a video game.

A Leap Into The Future

SkyTechSport simulators are probably the best introduction to snowsports. For more advanced skiers, the machines will help polish all nuances from stance to lateral balance. As an instructor, you can now practice and teach off-season. Don't waste a single day!


Skis and snowboard can be switched between each other in a couple of minutes. Adaptive skiing is now big with SkyTechSport, too: a monoski placed on the carriage opens up opportunities for all categories of fans. 


Represent a ski school? You may be eligible for the exclusive USSA member financing program

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