Renault Event with Ski Cross Champion in France

SkyTechSport Ski Simulator conquers France! It might seem that automobile industry has nothing to do with snow sports. Not anymore: SkyTechSport-Grelich were invited to meet an olympic champion at the central auto store in Echirole (Grenoble), where visitors were amazed by the virtual pistes and competed with an extraordinary zeal.

It was exactly what Renault needed: to engage and admire. And, of course, drive people in! «That's what we love the most!» — answered our partners, SkyTechSport-Grelich, and started wrapping up our attractive traveller — the universal powerful President with panorama SkyTechVR screen.

The impressive machine was installed it at the facility, at the very central spot, and the competitions on virtual olympic courses began.

«But for the lack of wind blowing in my face, I completely forgot where I was!»

...was the most popular comment. The event lasted for the whole 3 days, and the French are renowned for their practicality. Those who were lucky to experience the new way of refining carving technique on the first day wouldn't mind to have the entire machine for themselves... and for as long as possible. Such an opportunity to save up on ski holidays!

If that was impossible because of the remarkable queue, at least the enthusiasts found out they could improve their skiing or snowboarding skills. Not to waste any minute, seize all the joy, to live it up, — that's very French!

“The fact that kids can use the simulator is a blast! I'm 40, I have a 6 and a 9-year-old, and we were going all out on the machine, spent half a day here and had so much fun!” — a father of two were as excited as both his kids.

Truth be told, it feels really nice to buckle kids in and relax — they won't run away, and you're free to sip your coffee while waiting for your happy tired offspring.

Ophélie David getting the feel of the Ski & Snowboard Simulator

The best part of the event, however, was meeting Ophélie David. She is a ski cross world champion, who won four consecutive X Games (a major international action sports competitions).

FIS named Ophélie "the best ski cross racer of all times".

The luckiest guests even got a chance to learn from her, when she did a couple of master classes and gave invaluable expert advice on skiing technique. It was also her who awarded the winner of our competitions with the golden cup — together with Mr. Amat, director of the store.

The champion wouldn't unbuckle her bindings before she squeezed out all she could from the powerful drives of President. And we were immensely flattered when she agreed on a proper interview and gave the machine the highest grade.

"Unbelievably realistic! It does feel like going downhill — you're sliding and edging the skis. Very cool, it seems like you are living inside a game or something. The software has so many exciting courses built in. And when you finally step out you realise a substantial work has been done. Amazing possibilities open up with this equipment: action-packed workouts, non-stop training of new material, — it's even hard to imagine how much can been done on the ski simulator." — Ophélie David gave a detailed report of her tests.

Below: the winner of ski competitions in slalom Fabian receives the award from the director of the Renault and Ophelie David.

For more details about our partners SkyTechSport-Grelich go to

Phone: +49 (0)6373 506-260. Address: 8 Höcherberg Str., Schönenberg-Kübelberg, Germany 66901

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