Branching Out In Beijing!

On May 17, 2015 SkyTechSport US had the privilege of launching the new SkyTechSport sales office in Beijing China.

The weekend was full of conferences and of course showcasing the brand new simulators to the public. Not to mention over 400 people who came for the reveal as well to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing. The new sales office reveal yielded great press as there were dozens of press crews present, including China’s #1 TV Station, CCTV5 that released an exclusive story on our simulators on their Sports Channel, CCTV5 Sports.

The unveiling of the simulators was nothing short of grand, as it was covered with a huge tent and then reviled accompanied by lights and upbeat music. Featured on stage was the President Lux simulator with a 20 ft. LED screen, along with two Leader Pros, each with panorama screens.

China's National Champion was there as well to help demonstrate the machine. After skiing on the machine he gave an interview to CCTV explaining his experience and how the the Simulator could improve the learning curve for athletes

Alex Golunov, head of the SkyTechSport U.S. office, gave a 20-minute keynote speech where he discussed the importance of using the simulators for professional athletes and training.

Most people think of skiing as going downhill, whereas in reality, a professional skier spends most of their time going uphill on the chair lift.

On average, an Olympic athlete spends about 1,460 hours on the slopes each year, out of which about 1,314 hours is spent on the ski lift. This leaves an average of only 146 total hours of training time on the actual course per year.

Compare this to a football player who has access to a football field 24/7 and the difference seems even more striking. A football player gets over 2,920 hours of training time per year. A a ski professional has only 5% of that!

Snow is a scarce resource, and ski teams spend a lot of money and time traveling the world in search of small strips of snow to train on. For a skier, 1 minute of training requires 10 minutes of time wasted to get back up the mountain.

Can technology change that? Can professional athletes train without ever needing to go up a mountain?

Now with SkyTechSport ski simulators all of these is possible!

Alex further discussed “simulator based learning” and the different options it can offer to various snow sports. In the long run, this will help save time, money and bring victories.

SkyTechSport will further try and contribute to the success of the Chinese Olympic team as they prepare for the 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing.

Please see here for the address of the new showroom and office. You can also check out the SkyTechSport Beijing website.

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