Infrared Shield: The Safe Way Of Learning to Ski

For those who are only beginning their journey into the exciting world of snow sports, fighting the fear of the slope is a challenge. Simulator-based training is a great way of eliminating that fear from the very first turns (besides its many other advantages).

Safe environment is key here; it’s the reason why SkyTechSport ski and snowboard simulators give a jump-start to every trainee.

How does the machine ensure a 100% safety of training? It’s our unique optical safety system that controls all movements within the motion platform’s perimeter. There are bars with infrared transmitters built into both sides of the platform. Multiple rays that are constantly sent between the two sides of the platform make up a complex mesh covering the entire platform.

Someone’s hand that touches the platform, a bottle of water placed there by an observer, even a ring accidentally falling off a trainee’s finger. The smallest hazard will be detected by the optical system, and it will shut the engines off at once.

The system is sensitive enough to spot a hand's touch, but our engineers made sure it doesn't 'overreact', shutting the drives if a fly gets into the way of a skier. This meticulous balance was a challenge that led to a creation of a safety tool that's both very reliable and convenient to use.

Our trainees very rarely fall on the simulator: they first get used to the machine, which usually takes between 5 and 15 minutes. It’s only after they feel confident that the edges and speed are increased gradually. That said, beginners are usually pleased to see the soft rubber surface of the simulator’s platform, secure nets on both of its sides (we use the same ones that are used at the Olympics on real racetracks!), and a handrail to hold on to in case of loss of balance. The optical system, however, is a one-of-a-kind development and One of the reasons why our SkyTechSport's machines are the safest way of learning how to ski and snowboard.

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