Student Housing: The Uncommon Paradigm

New residences for college communities are springing up across the country, exceeding expectations with accouterments more often found in luxury condominiums.

​​CA Student Living added about a half-dozen new projects to their portfolio scheduled for completion this year. Two of their nicely furnished amenities, in Fort Collins, CO, and Temple, AZ, will have several SkyTechSport Leader Pro Simulators on site for their residents to train, compete and have fun on.

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Los Angeles, California

Munich, Germany

5553 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

+1 (800) 405-5025


Riesenfeldstraße 18
80809 Munich, Germany

+49 (163) 380-98-48 (Deutsch)

+49(176) 2391-04-48 (English)

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