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BalancePlay Pro The Best Solution for Your Business

Family Entertainment Centers

Active Gaming Centers

Arcade Centers

Rentals for Parties and Shows

Museums and Cultural Institutions

Addition to a Golf Simulator

Fairs, Festivals and Events

BalancePlay Pro for Amusement park or Family Entertainment Center (FEC)

Multiplayer Mode

Elevate the fun at your Family Entertainment Center with BalancePlay Pro Multiplayer. Seamlessly connect up to 5 boards to enhance your social gatherings and take the excitement to a whole new level!

Many Sports in One Board

Whether you're a fan of skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, or skateboarding, BalancePlay Pro offers an exhilarating array of activities to cater to every passion and craving for adventure at your Family Entertainment Center.

BalancePlay Pro – A Smart Balance Board simulator for skiing


BalancePlay Pro – A Smart Balance Board simulator for  snowboarding


BalancePlay Pro – A Smart Balance Board simulator for Wakeboarding


BalancePlay Pro – A Smart Balance Board simulator for waterskiing

Water skiing

BalancePlay Pro – A Smart Balance Board simulator for skateboarding


Swipe, Tap, Play

Our sports simulators now support a diverse range of RFID readers, allowing guests to effortlessly activate attractions using wristbands or digital wallets.

With our robust software customizations and extensive API offerings, you can integrate seamlessly with any park management system, RFID reader, or payment terminal.

This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all guests, providing unmatched convenience and flexibility in your entertainment offerings.

Person scanning his wrist at an RFID reader attached to a touchscreen kiosk

Multitude Of Possible Screen Configurations, Sizes And Resolutions For Your FEC

Maximize Fun In Minimal Space

Fit multiple BalancePlay Pro Boards side by side
with 6’ by 7’10" minimum footprint!

BalancePlay Pro footprints scheme

Dive into Mind-Blowing Reality with BalancePlay Pro for Unparalleled Virtual Experiences

Explore a Universe of Games, Sports, and Thrilling Experiences with BalancePlay Pro

Replicas of famous ski resorts

Replica of ski resort
Replica of ski resort

New water skiing course


BotBoxer Play! and BeatBoxer

BotBoxer Play!
BotBoxer Play!
BotBoxer Play!

Build Your Own BalancePlay Pro for your FEC

Play with our easy configurator and design your own custom BalancePlay Pro

BalancePlay Pro – A Smart Balance Board. Attraction for Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) and Amusement Parks

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