Ski simulator generates identical G-force you experience going down the slope.
Identical G-force

On our ski machines your clients will feel same G-force effect they know and love skiing down the real slope.

World-famous ski slopes on your stunning panoramic screen create the sensation of complete immersion when skiing on our ski machine.
Immersive Virtual Reality

Offer your clients a sensation of complete immersion into the world-famous ski slopes projected onto a stunning panoramic screen.

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Your Success Is Our Win!

With over 15 years of thriving experience in indoor skiing all over the world, our team can help you build the best strategy for a profitable business with ski machines.

Steven Nyman - US Ski Team, Worldcup winner Downhill -
Steven Nyman
US Ski Team, World Cup Winner Downhill

"A great way to teach people how to get over the outside ski, learn that proper movement in transition, movement with the core.”

Sasha Rearik - US Ski Team Men's Head Coach - about the SkyTechSport snowsports simulator
Sasha Rearick
US Ski Team Men’s Head Coach

“Getting on the Ski Simulator is going to prepare you physically to ski more volume, so you can improve you upper-lower body separation, hip angulation, rolling your knee and ankle. It’s so hard to replicate conditioning outside of the snow. SkyTech Simulator is by far the closest thing we’ve seen to it.”

Andrew Weidrecht - US Ski Team, two time Olympic Medalist - about the SkyTechSport snowsports simulator
Andrew Weibrecht
US Ski Team, Two-time Olympic medalist

“You’re not gonna hurt yourself, there’s no stress, and you still get the movements of skiing, feel how the forces are going to react on your body."

Store Manager - Decathlon Sports Store, France - about the SkyTechSport snowsports simulator
Store Manager
Decathlon Sports Store, France

"We have closely tracked the impact of this promo and were very satisfied with the result: the number of store weekend visits has increased compared to the same weekends in previous years and to other stores as well. The word of mouth effect was still in motion long after the promo was over."

Toms Vasins - Latvian National Snowboard Team - about the SkyTechSport snowsports simulator
Toms Vasins
Latvian National Snowboard Team

"When I first came to the training camp in the mountains, I felt at onсe that my skiing technique and stand have advanced significantly. My balance has also improved, — and this is really important for a snowboarder. All that was due to training on the simulator."

Mikaela Shiffrin- Three-time Overall World Cup champion, four-time world champion in slalom, a six-time winner of the World Cup in slalom - about the SkyTechSport snowsports simulator
Mikaela Shiffrin
Three-time Overall World Cup champion, four-time world champion in slalom, a six-time winner of the World Cup in slalom

"It’s hard to get that quality time skiing, so this is a great way to get that time on snow and improve a lot faster because you get a lot more repetition. Same muscles that you feel when you’re skiing, and the same rhythm as well. Being able to practice when you’re not anywhere close to the snow is really cool."

Bob Thomas - founder of Vertical Ski Drop, Michigan - about having our world-class snowsports simulator as a business booster
Bob Thomas
Founder of Vertical Drop Ski Shop, Michigan

“We started looking at the ski simulator at the World Championship 2015, Beaver Creek. My kids got on the machine out there. And you know, it’s just like ski racing! We talked to the US Ski Team about how they were utilising it. And we decided we needed it, both for recreational skiers and out racers.”

Ophelie David- French Ski Cross Team, World Championships Winner - about the SkyTechSport snowsports simulator
Ophelie David
French Ski Cross Team, World Championships Winner

"Unbelievably realistic! You're sliding and edging the skis. Many exciting courses built in. And when you finally step out you realise a substantial work has been done. Amazing possibilities open up with this equipment: action-packed workouts, non-stop training of new material..."

Developed by Pros

US Ski and Snowboard Team logo
Used by the 
U.S. Ski Team

The ski simulator is a key training tool for the U.S. Ski Team, the U.S. Snowboarding, and the U.S. Freestyle teams. We have worked with the world’s best athletes to improve and develop our technology over many years.

Indoor skiing with PSIA-AASI

Professional Instructors of America designed a ski simulator program to teach beginners through advanced skiers and snowboarders indoors and help transfer acquired skills onto the snow.

Handy Tools for Business Owners

Our interactive simulators come with great business tools for you to manage your success
App For Your Clients

Keep your clients engaged with access to all their races, stats, and global leaderboards through the SkyTechSport app.

Advertising and Custom Branding on Slopes

Place your logo or sponsor’s logos on the banners, gates, and billboards to personalize the virtual slopes of your ski machine.

Owner's Dashboard

Access usage statistics, business analytics, and service logs and get support from anywhere. Coming soon!

Regular Free Software Updates

Major user interface updates include new features to maximize your customer’s experience.

Software for the amusement parks

Custom sports simulator software for entertainment centers, parks, gyms, and studios. Enhance operations and customer experience. Reach your goals with our software.

SkyTechSport Plus Logo

SkyTechSport Plus Subscription

Keep your customers coming back for the latest trails, games, and experiences magically delivered right to your ski machines.

Get SkyTechSport Plus
SkyTechSport interactive simulators are of the highest quality and are built to last

Built to Last

We have expertise in quality control and customer service with simulators in operation all around the world. Our ski machines are backed by a Limited Warranty and our reputation for building reliable equipment for over fifteen years.

Indoor Skiing for Everyone!

By adding specialized adaptive platforms, our ski and snowboard simulator can bring the joy of real skiing to any of your customers.

Tested in cooperation with U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association our simulators break boundaries and limitations.

Add an adaptive ski platform within seconds and share the joy of speeding down the slope with everyone.

The Most Up to Date Ski Technology

Every race, course, and slalom is available for any user of our interactive simulatorsEndless possibilities guaranteed with the best indoor snowsports simulator brought to you by SkyTechSport
Host a League and Race Events

Invite your clients to a challenge and see who’s the fasterst. Slalom, GS or Downhill for a thrilling race. Beginners can choose easy trails, while advanced riders can enjoy the most challenging courses.

Infinite Slope With Infinite Possibilities

Customers can adjust snow conditions on ski machines like ice, slush or hard-packed snow, add bumps or set their own slalom course. No ski lifts, no lines, endless options! 

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