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The Ultimate Smart Basketball Hoop

Elevate Your Family Entertainment Center

The Smart Hoop basketball simulator for FEC


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Hit Tracking

Monitors and records each shot with precision, providing instant feedback and analysis to enhance training

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Team Game

Encourages multi-player interaction, allowing teams to compete in dynamic and collaborative basketball games

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Performance Analytics

Delivers detailed insights on player performance, helping to improve skills and game strategies

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Team tracking

Sensors track the incoming balls supporting team-based competition

Business Benefits

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Attract New Visitors

Draw in crowds with the innovative and engaging features of the Smart Hoop, enhancing the overall appeal of your center

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Generate Additional Income

Increase revenue through equipment rentals and special events hosted with the Smart Hoop

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Boost Visitor Stay Time

Engage visitors for longer periods, encouraging more frequent visits and extended play sessions


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Unique Entertainment

Offer a novel blend of technology and sports, providing an interactive and modern experience that sets your family entertainment center apart

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Enhanced Visitor Engagement

Maximize engagement with an appealing interface and varied game modes, captivating visitors of all ages

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Tournament Hosting

Organize tournaments as special events or regular attractions, creating opportunities for additional revenue and marketing

Game Modes

The Smart Baseball Hoop is designed to track a team game
Multi Mode

"Basketball Tournament": Teams compete to collect points, making each visit a thrilling experience

Smart Baseball Hoop calculates your shots in single player mode
Single mode

"Accuracy and Speed": Players aim to make the most shots in a set time, with the camera tracking every hit and time between shots

Swipe, Tap, Play

Our sports simulators support a range of RFID readers, allowing guests to activate attractions with wristbands or digital wallets effortlessly.

Integrate seamlessly with any park management system, RFID reader, or payment terminal, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all guests.

The Ultimate Smart Basketball Hoop simulators support a range of RFID readers, allowing guests to activate attractions with wristbands or digital wallets effortlessly

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