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We specialize in custom sports simulator software for various business applications such as indoor family entertainment centers, amusement parks, gyms and training studios. We focus on tailored software solutions that meet the specific needs of each business and offer seamless integration with third-party APIs to optimize operations of any theme park or family fun center.

Whether you want to enhance the experience of your fun park guests or streamline your business operations, our custom software solutions are designed to help you achieve your goals.

Our Services

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Account Systems

Provide each fun park guest with a personalized account where they can track all their stats, log in with your app, or sync customer data with your business management platform. There are hardly any limitations to creating a perfect customer experience.

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Ranking and Leaderboards

The sports simulators track your guests' every move and store all results of their adventures in the cloud. Be sure to leverage this deep knowledge of your customers: families, adults or kids, — and provide them with added value by creating any kind of a leaderboard at your attraction park.

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Third-party Integrations

We can integrate with third-party service APIs for booking and payment systems, RFID access control, digital wallets, marketing, and CRM, etc. Make your guests' adventures smooth and trouble-free, streamline your park's operations, and improve your bottom line.

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Custom User Experience

We leverage the latest technologies and design principles to create custom solutions that reflect your unique values and vision, helping you to differentiate your entertainment park from the competition and drive customer loyalty.


Customized to meet the specific needs of your business model

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Competitive advantage with unique features

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Scales with business growth

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Built with cloud connectivity in mind

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Seamless integration with existing third-party systems

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Cost savings in the long run

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SparkX Amusement Center:
Case Study

SparkX Family Entertainment Center (FEC) in Belgium is a fun-filled theme park for people of all ages, offering a wide range of exciting rides and sport-themed, thrilling attractions.

We installed two Ski Simulators and one BotBoxer and designed a unique guest experience for the amusement park with custom-built software around those sports simulators. Each fun park guest can activate the attraction on their own with an RFID bracelet, get simple instructions and receive a score after the ride is over.

Unique Game Interface

We developed a one-of-a-kind game inteface for SparkX adventure park on our unique SkyTechSport software platform to ensure an absolutely seamless user experience for their guests’. The whole user flow was revamped, from logging in via an RFID wristband, to leaving the  area of the entertainment center where our sports simulators were installed.

Example of a user story for the family entertainment center
Snowsports simulator

User Flow for Fun Park Guests

For the ski simulator, we simplified selecting adventure racetrack. Many visitors of family entertainment centers are first-timers unfamiliar with the simulators, and we wanted to help them make their choice.

New Trails and Games

Only three sports racetracks were offered ranged by their difficulty — SkyTechSport simulator is a workout, unlike a roller coaster ride (but even more fun!). To guide the user through the machine’s various possibilities and teach them how to use it, we developed a new warm-up track.

Examples of SkyTechSport games: Snow Roller, Zombie Attack, BeatBoxer and WBL Champion.
The illustration of skier for Result screen of the simulator interface
The illustration of skier for Result screen of the simulator interface
The illustration of skier for Result screen of the simulator interface

Visuals for Family Fun

We created a unique visual style with custom characters to match the fun atmosphere of the theme park.

Infinite Opportunities for Customer Experience and Big Data Leverage

The common API layer can be adjusted to integrate other systems and devices, provide all kinds of insights into customer behaviour and accommodate any desirable user experience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. SkyTechSport’s own platform provides infinite opportunities to those theme park business owners who strive to exceed guests’ expectations, drive customer loyalty and leverage bit data through innovative IT solutions in the entertainment centers industry.

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