Rent our interactive sport simulators and give your patrons and unforgettable experience

Bring World-Class Interactive Simulators to Your Next Event With Our Rental Program

Let your guests compete, learn something new or just have fun with the Ski Machine or the BotBoxer. These unique experiences are sure to wow your guests and make your event stand out!

Real Sports – Real Fun

Great For Any Skill Level

Our simulators are perfect for introducing beginners to intimidating sports.

Multiple Rental Options

Available in different sizes, models and setups that suit your event needs and accommodate the location.

Our Staff Will Guide You From Start to Finish

From the planning phase to the event itself, our team is here to help you. Professional supervision is included with every rental.

Successful Rental Events Worldwide

Use SkyTechSport interactive simulators for your teambuilding events
Rent for Team Building Events

Organize your very own indoor sporting competition on a Ski Machine or a boxing match with BotBoxer! Make your team strive for the best result and award trophies or prizes.

Use SkyTechSport interactive simulators for your promotional events
Rent for Promotional Events

Stand out in the eyes of your patrons by inviting them to experience the thrill of stunning virtual reality in real sports indoors or a unique boxing arcade. Our interactive simulators allow you to host competitions between your visitors, and hyperrealistic visuals give a full immersion sensation leaving the users in awe.

Rent for Private Events

Host a birthday party and invite your friends for a challenge. Choose a simulator you like. Both BotBoxer and the Ski Machine are perfect entertainment for any private event.

Use SkyTechSport interactive simulators for your industry events and expos
Use SkyTechSport interactive simulators for your trade shows and conferences
Rent for Conferences and Tradeshows

Breaking a sweat will help you break the ice. Our simulators are the most effective and fun marketing tools for customer attraction.

Rent for Expos and Industry Events

Heads will turn! The giant image of a running slope or a human-sized virtual zombie will stop attendees in their tracks. Spark up conversations as you are cheering on a race or a match.

Use SkyTechSport interactive simulators for your fundraisers
Rent for Fundraiser Parties

Get loose! Make your guests feel awesome about themselves and eager to help others.

Use SkyTechSport interactive simulators for your marketing activations
Rent for Marketing Activations

Make extreme sports available to your clients. Let them experience skiing down a virtual Olympic slope on a Ski Machine or BotBox-ing in a ring against a champion. These once-in-a-lifetime moments will resonate with your brand forever.

Rent for Special Moments

Make memories that will last a lifetime! Weather its a Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras or other big life event, celebrate with an indoor snowsports and boxing experience.

Ski Machine Footprints for Rent

Big linear box iconSmall linear box icon
20’ by 20’ / 6.0m x 6.0m

President Lux with Panorama Screen

This machine is a magnet for audiences of all ages and interests. Spectacular video game component and a giant screen coupled with complex motion algorithms makes this Ski Simulator a powerful promotional tool. It will attract crowds at any event.
10’ by 10’ / 3.5m x 3.5m

Racer Pro with Flat Screen

Compact Ski Machine and equipped with a 65” LED screen, this simulator is the most cost-effective solution for brand activation, show or any event. Challenge your friends, ride the virtual slopes, carve your way and ... award the winners.

Virtual Branding

Place your brand’s logo all over our virtual slopes so you can further extend your brand’s exposure. Ski Machine allows custom side banners, custom idle screen, custom timepiece, branded leaderboard or special objects like hot air balloons, bridges and finish gates.
Side Banners

All slopes are fenced along the sides with nets and banners to present your brand.


Billboards on both sides of the course grab attention every time a skier passes by.

Custom Gates

Gates are the main focal points of the audience’s attention throughout the runs.

BotBoxer Footprint

Linear box icon
10’ by 10’ / 3.5m x 3.5m

BotBoxer Play with Flat Screen

Make your event even more unforgettable, set a couple of BotBoxers side by side and let the fighting begin! Practice your combos, fight off zombies, or punch to the beat of the music.
BotBoxer is an interactive boxing simulator that offers multiple fun options for your patrons. Rent one for your next event and personalize to fit your brand identity.


Place your brand’s logo within our virtual games so you can further extend your brand’s exposure. Add your logo to the punching bag or customize the colors of BotBoxer.

BalancePlay Pro Footprints for Rent

Linear box icon
6’ by 7’10” / 1.8m x 2.4m

We offer 1 or 2 BalancePlay Pro systems for rent

Fit multiple BalancePlay Pro Boards side by side with 6’ by 7’10” minimum footprint!


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Our indoor ski machines come in multiple sizes and can perfectly fit any event. Rent one for your next event and gift your patrons an unforgettable time!Rent the best interactive boxing simulators by BotBoxer for your next event and watch your guests have blast.An interactive indoor snowsports simulator by SkyTechSport are available for rent and can match any mood and event. Impress your clients with stunning visuals and technology!Rent our boxing machine for your next event and see become a center of attention.Rent SkyTechsport's boxing machine or snowsports simulator and impress your patrons with unforgettable experience
Rent an indoor interactive snowsports simulator for your next event and wow even the youngest and least experienced guests with tons of fun!Our boxing machine is a highlight of any event. Rent our sport simulator for your next event and customize it to match your brand.BotBoxer is a sure way to draw attention to brand and event. Try our cutting-edge boxing machine and let your patrons have fun with it!The most engaging interactive ski machine by SkyTechSport is available for rent - give your guests  an experience of a lifetime!Rent SkyTechsport interactive simulators for your events and wow your guests with mountains of fun