Dubai Deal Show

When have you last had a chance to experience the latest innovations in VR games, 9D park rides, 12D cinemas and an endless array of family entertainment center equipment, all in three days? SkyTechSport took part in the industry show that has shaped the region’s entertainment industry for the past 29 years!

Between March 14 and 16, we showcased two of our unique sports simulators, which use virtual reality and AR technologies along with our patented drives system that recreate the natural G-force and motion tracking systems. All of that simulates real-life conditions and human qualities to bring luxury sports to new audiences.

We’re sure that visitors of our booth will never forget a free ride on our President Lux Ski & Snowboard Simulator and the exact virtual copies of world-renowned racecourses. For those not ready for a momentarily travel to snow slopes, we also had the brand new Miami Jet Waterskiing game.

Unique sports simulators for Middle East fun parks and entertainment centers

Those who tried knocking out BotBoxer had a blast too! Our AI boxing robot behaves exactly as a real opponent, and some of our strongest guests could wear it out pretty quickly!

SkyTechSport's BotBoxer robot at Dubai Deal Expo

The Dubai Deal Expo is an annual event that showcases innovative products, services, and technologies from various industries, including finance, healthcare, education, and more. It is an opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with potential investors, partners, and customers, and to gain exposure to new markets and opportunities.

The expo typically attracts attendees from all around the Middle East region, including industry leaders, government officials, and investors. In addition to exhibitions, the event also includes workshops, seminars, and networking sessions, providing participants with valuable insights and opportunities to learn and grow. The Dubai Deal Expo is one of the most important events in the region, and its impact extends far beyond the event itself, as it serves as a platform for innovation, collaboration, and growth.