LA Auto show

LA Auto show offered a ride on our SkyTechSport President Lux

Couple of days went by after LA Auto show had ended, one of the most influential and best-attended auto shows globally for sure. If you are into cars — you should attend this show at least once.

The LA Auto Show is a significant platform for car manufacturers to showcase their latest models and concepts to the public and the media. This year, the show was held from 11/17 to 11/26 at LA Convention center.

The show featured a wide range of vehicles, from concept cars and prototype models to production vehicles from leading automakers around the world.

It brought together a diverse crowd of industry professionals, car enthusiasts, and members of the public interested in the latest automotive trends and innovations. A must-see event for anyone interested in cars and the latest automotive technologies, it's an exciting showcase of the best and most innovative designs in the industry and a chance to get up close and personal with some of the most impressive vehicles on the road.

Visitors to the LA Auto Show got a chance to see everything from concept cars to production vehicles, as well as interactive displays, test drives, and other exciting experiences.

Including, of course, a ride on our SkyTechSport President Lux and hitting those world’s famous tracks’ replications! Many of you said that it was their first time skiing — which is a great honor for us. Some of you mentioned that riding the simulator feels like the actual slope — the best compliment for us. We also got a bunch of great ideas from you guys that we can’t wait to bring to life!

To see you smiling, laughing and having a great time means the world to us and proves that we do the right thing. We can’t wait to see you guys again!