New Ski Simulator game: Snow Roller

There’s nothing that screams Christmas more than skiing! All the sights and sounds of the season, an exciting trip that sprinkles that holiday buzz into your life…

There’s still plenty of time to bottle the holiday spirit! We present to you SNOW ROLLER — SkyTechSport’s brand-new ski simulator game that features plenty of festive spirit. You will be represented by a funny snowman skiing amidst an alpine Christmas paradise: lavishly decorated chalets and brightly-lit streets of cozy villages, gorgeous, glittering fairy lights, and Christmas trees.

Help snowman stay alive in the new Snow Roller game for SkyTechSport

There’s no doubt this adventure will spark warm holiday feelings.

Don’t be distracted by the scenery too much though: Mr. Snowman’s first goal is to stay alive throughout the racetrack! Which means not smash against any of the obstacles.

The second goal is to collect as many gifts on the way as you can while making nice carved turns down the virtual slope. To maximize your score, you’ll have to ace both short, medium, and wide turns.

New Christmas video game with virtual snow racetracks

Did you know you can compete against all other members of the SkyTechSport global community and earn your place on the worldwide leaderboard? And when you do… try the next level of difficulty! There are three of them — we bet your technique will advance a great deal when you’re finally comfortable at level 3.

What could be better to declutter your mind and wind down than a video game? A video game plus amazing cardio and strength training! Take our word for it — those gifts on the virtual slopes are REAL: each of them is packed with endorphins, fitness and skills that promise a fantastic real-life experience on real-world slopes!

Technology-wise, Snow Roller is also a leap forward for our engineers. Did you notice it’s our first game with a night-time setting? We developed a cutting-edge graphic engine from scratch that allows a completely new approach to working with light and shapes, thus making the game more realistic!

Moreover, the new system will help create new virtual worlds much faster. 2023 does look very promising to us and our community members!

Snow Roller will be available with SkyTechSport Plus early next year — stay tuned and feel the joy of the season!