Visa Big Air

Visa Big Air has ended on December 17, and we are ready to share our thoughts and feelings on how it was. The highly anticipated winter sports event has once again enthralled audiences with a spectacular display of skill and athleticism.

Snow Sports Simulator at Visa Big Air freestyle contest in Copper Mountain, CO

Top snowboarders and freestyle skiers from around the world gathered in the host resort of Copper Mountain, CO, to showcase their talent, soaring high into the air and performing death-defying tricks off a mammoth jump. The competition was fierce as the athletes vied for the coveted title, impressing the judges with their flawless execution and sheer daring.

Beyond the adrenaline-fueled action, the event also offered a festive atmosphere with music, food vendors, and other entertainment, where the center of attention was the SkyTechSport Ski Simulator partnered with Pacifico beer.

Snow Sports Simulator at Visa Big Air freestyle contest in Copper Mountain, CO

The diverse crowd, which included families, snowboard and ski enthusiasts, and general thrill-seekers, were treated to an unforgettable experience of ripping turns on exact copies of the most famous World Cup slopes.

So let's take a look at the numbers:

▪️ Hundreds of people attended the event

▪️ 160 beautiful people showed up and tried our President Lux simulator

▪️ Over 500 miles were ridden on the world's best tracks replications

▪️ Thousands of cans of Pacifico Beer were drunk!

Visa Big Air is a testament to the ongoing evolution of winter sports and its increasing popularity. Thanks again everyone for showing up! We were excited to see you all and can't wait to meet you again!